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School Community Committee

The School Community Committee (SCC) is a group made up of three representatives from PADIS (our parents organisation), three representatives from Student Voice, three representatives from the Staff Association and three representatives from the leadership of the school. The Director is the non-voting chair.

The SCC meets at least four times a year and is an advisory committee for the school. It's role includes:

  • review and evaluating the vision, mission, values and aims of the school
  • collecting information from the various community stakeholders on whole school issues
  • contributing to school handbooks (Elementary/Secondary)
  • contributing to the school activity and service programme
  • deciding on the charitable focus of the school
  • contributing to special events
  • contributing to marketing and the image of the school
  • advising on the school’s admissions policies
  • advising on the whole school calendar
  • advising on planned facility changes
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Creativity in an Internationl School Vienna

A simple statement: To be a world leader in international education ...

Creativity in an Internationl School Vienna

A small school started in 1992 …

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A wonderful elegant, well-situated, well-equipped building in the very centre of Vienna.

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A learning model developed by the faculty at Danube.

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Creativity in an Internationl School Vienna

We plan our development and we work our plan ...

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