"Striving for EXCELLENCE by ENGAGING minds, EXCITING learners, acting ETHICALLY and showing EMPATHY"

Great Learning

The purpose of the development of the Great Learning Model was to help guide Danube International School Vienna as it strived to fulfil its vision to be a world leader in international education.

The model developed as a direct consequence of the work by Gardner, Csikszentmihalyi and Damon of the topic of good work and the subsequent work of those members of the GoodWork team and the GoodWork Project (GWP) group.

The School Community Committee (SCC) of Danube International School Vienna decided on a school definition:

"Great Learning is of an excellent technical quality, with an understanding of the individual, that is ethically pursued and socially responsible and learning that is engaging, enjoyable and feels great." 

This helped to shape and drive other elements of the model.

You can find out more about our understanding of "Great Learning" by visiting the following website: www.greatlearninginschools.com

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