"Striving for EXCELLENCE by ENGAGING minds, EXCITING learners, acting ETHICALLY and showing EMPATHY"

Elementary School

Principal's Welcome

The Elementary School is a caring, happy, learning community that seeks to work in partnership with parents to ensure children flourish and grow to their full potential.

We are a school community from many nations and we celebrate our diversity through exploring each other’s cultures and engaging in each other’s festivals. We highly value the fact that our children come from many linguistic backgrounds and we are able to arrange ‘mother tongue’ lessons at the end of the school day through our mother tongue co-ordinator. As a school however, we support all children in acquiring strong English skills as English is the school’s medium of instruction. In addition to this, there are German language programmes for children who are first language German speakers and for those children where German is an additional language.

We seek to develop our children’s natural curiosity by actively helping them to acquire the skills of inquiry and research. In this way we support them in becoming independent learners; learners who are motivated, able to make their own decisions and to follow through their own questions and paths of interest.

Through our IB Primary Years Programme our students gain knowledge; with this knowledge they are encouraged to apply critical thinking skills, to innovate and to communicate with others. Many different opportunities and mediums are offered to the children to express their ideas and outcomes, for example, through oral presentation, drama, writing, music, art and design.

Within our children we seek to develop strong personal qualities such as integrity, honesty, open-mindedness, respect, compassion and empathy. We explore and expand upon these qualities through class circle times, assemblies, our charity work and relevant aspects of our curriculum. We also encourage our children to take informed risks and to approach unfamiliar situations with confidence.

As a community focused on learning we seek to develop the whole child and we believe children’s emotional, social, academic and physical needs are equally great. We strive to create a culture where children are proud to be learners and understand the importance of review and reflection in the process of continual improvement.

I believe in strong, positive home/school partnerships where parents and teachers work together so our students reach their full potential and take full advantage of the learning opportunities provided at school. We value open communication; an essential component of these partnerships.

I believe the most important way to know if a school is the right place for your child to be educated is to spend time seeing, hearing and getting a feel for how the school operates. 

We look forward to meeting you.

With kind regards,


Sarah Ford

Elementary Principal

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