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Due to the central location of the school, Vienna is a fantastic resource to support our learning. Whether this be using the local canal areas for biology, environmental systems and art in the Secondary School, the local Prater park for the study of mini-beasts and ecology in the Elementary School, or making frequent field trips to museums, theatres, restaurants and galleries in Vienna and the surrounding areas in connection with their units of inquiry in Elementary and subject areas in Secondary. Personal Social Education (PSE) workshops for secondary students have also taken place offsite. Physical Education (PE) students have swimming, ice skating and cycling proficiency as part of their programme, depending on the grade level.

Groups of parents also make great use of Vienna to further engage their children, due to the rich cultural heritage of the city outside of the school day.

If you are new to Vienna then the following links could be useful.

Vienna City Government - (http://www.wien.gv.at/english)

Vienna Business Agency (Vienna Expat Centre) - (https://viennabusinessagency.at)

City Kids Vienna - (http://www.citykids.at/en)

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