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The school has various forms of communication with parents and students. A list and the links are given below:

  • Student IB Agendas - this is a physical agenda used by secondary students.
  • The Elementary School sends out weekly newsletters to each grade with upcoming events, curriculum details and images of the previous week.
  • Physical letters are still used to collect and give important information.
  • Emails via Gmail are used within the school and with parents.
  • A student academic system is used that includes curriculum planning, academic work, upcoming events, students grades, etc.  Our system is designed purely for IB World Schools and is called ManageBac.   The link is https://disv.managebac.com/login and further information about ManageBac can be found at http://managebac.com/doverview
  • The school library system OPALs can be accessed at:  http://disv.mimas.scoolaid.net/bin/home.
  • Student papers' originality software is used to check high school work via the company Turnitin (turnitin.com).
  • For detailed information regarding the International Baccalaureate Organisation and various programmes, staff at the school subscribe to the online curriculum centre, (http://occ.ibo.org), which can only be accessed through an IB world school.  More general information about the IB can be found on http://www.ibo.org for interested students or parents.
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